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Q-Tip, Kamaal The Abstract (Unreleased) Full Album Zip

Q-Tip, Kamaal The Abstract (Unreleased) Full Album Zip

Q-Tip, the legendary rapper and producer from A Tribe Called Quest, has a long and storied career in hip hop. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential and innovative artists of the genre, with a distinctive voice, flow, and musical style. However, not many people know that he also has a hidden gem in his discography: an unreleased album called Kamaal The Abstract.


Kamaal The Abstract is an eclectic album that features Q-Tip rapping, singing, and exploring his jazz influences. The album contains introspective and life-related lyrical themes. The album was originally planned for release in 2002 as the follow-up to Amplified. However, it was shelved by Q-Tip's record label at the time, Arista, who doubted its commercial potential. It eventually leaked onto the internet, while the distribution of promotional copies led several publications to run reviews of the album. After its official release in 2009, the album debuted at number 77 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, selling 6,000 copies in its first week. Upon its release, Kamaal The Abstract received positive reviews from most music critics.

The album is a departure from Q-Tip's debut album Amplified (1999), which is more mainstream-oriented in its style and production approach. While it contains elements of hip hop, pop, and rock music, the album's improvisational sound is generally rooted in jazz and funk . The album's songs mostly feature loose arrangements that provide space for improvisation . Its instrumentation is characterized by electric piano, flute playing, deep organs, guitar-fuelled grooves, and improvised solos . On its musical style, music critic John Bush wrote that Kamaal The Abstract "pays homage to the last gasp of organically produced mainstream pop in the '70s and '80s, paying a large compliment to Prince and Stevie Wonder".

The album has been compared by writers to soul and funk-oriented albums such as D'Angelo's Voodoo (2000), André 3000's The Love Below (2003), and Prince's Musicology (2004), as well as the hip hop/neo soul work of the Soulquarians collective. In his book To the Break of Dawn: A Freestyle on the Hip Hop Aesthetic (2007), music writer William Jelani Cobb cited Kamaal The Abstract, along with The Roots' Phrenology (2002), Mos Def's Black on Both Sides (1999), Common's Electric Circus (2002), and the work of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, as a "genre-bending" effort at musical expansion of hip hop.

The album features 11 tracks, with titles such as "Feelin'", "Do U Dig U?", "Barely in Love", "Heels", and "Even If It Is So". Some of the tracks have guest appearances by musicians such as Kenny Garrett, Gary Thomas, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and Chris Sholar. The album also features a cover of Miles Davis' "Blue Girl" as a hidden track. The album's lead single was "Barely in Love", which was released on September 1, 2009.

Kamaal The Abstract is a rare and unique album that showcases Q-Tip's versatility and creativity as an artist. It is a testament to his vision and passion for music that transcends genres and boundaries. It is also a treat for fans who have been waiting for years to hear this masterpiece. If you are looking for a way to listen to this album online, you can find a link to download the full album zip file here or here. Enjoy!


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