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Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance No Cd Crack

Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance No CD Crack: How to Play MGS2 on PC Without a Disc

Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance is a re-release of the original Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, with additional content such as VR missions, alternative scenarios, and new playable characters. It was released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC in 2002 and 2003. However, the PC version of MGS2 Substance requires a CD-ROM to run, which can be inconvenient for modern gamers who use laptops or desktops without a disc drive. Fortunately, there are ways to play MGS2 Substance on PC without a CD, using a no CD crack or a digital download.


What is a No CD Crack?

A no CD crack is a modified version of the game executable file that bypasses the CD check and allows the game to run without inserting the disc. This can be useful for gamers who want to play their legally purchased games without having to swap discs or use an external drive. However, using a no CD crack can also have some drawbacks, such as compatibility issues, bugs, or malware risks. Therefore, it is important to be careful when downloading and applying a no CD crack, and always backup your original game files before making any changes.

How to Use a No CD Crack for MGS2 Substance?

There are several sources online that offer no CD cracks for MGS2 Substance, but not all of them are reliable or safe. One of the most popular and trusted sources is [GameCopyWorld], which provides no CD cracks for various versions of MGS2 Substance, such as v1.0, v1.01, v1.02, and v2.0. To use a no CD crack from GameCopyWorld, follow these steps:

  • Download the no CD crack that matches your game version from [GameCopyWorld].

  • Extract the contents of the zip file to a temporary folder.

  • Copy the cracked executable file (usually named mgs2_sse.exe) to your game installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\MetalGearSolid2 Substance), overwriting the original file.

  • Run the game as administrator and enjoy.

Note that some antivirus programs may detect the no CD crack as a virus or a trojan, but this is usually a false positive. You may need to disable your antivirus or add an exception for the game folder before applying the no CD crack.

How to Download MGS2 Substance Digitally?

If you don't have a physical copy of MGS2 Substance or you don't want to use a no CD crack, you can also download the game digitally from [], which is an online platform that sells DRM-free games. recently added MGS2 Substance to its catalog, along with other classic Metal Gear games such as Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid. To download MGS2 Substance from, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on [] and purchase MGS2 Substance for $9.99.

  • Download and install the GOG Galaxy launcher or use the offline installer option.

  • Launch the game from GOG Galaxy or from your desktop shortcut and enjoy.

The version of MGS2 Substance comes with some improvements and fixes, such as widescreen support, controller support, and compatibility with modern operating systems. However, it may still have some issues or bugs that require further tweaking. For example, some users have reported problems with sound effects, cutscenes, or graphics settings. To fix these issues, you may need to apply some fan-made patches or mods, such as [V's Fix], which is a comprehensive patch that enhances and optimizes MGS2 Substance for PC.


Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance is a classic stealth action game that deserves to be played by any fan of the genre. However, playing it on PC can be challenging due to its outdated CD requirement and compatibility issues. Fortunately, there are ways to play MGS2 Substance on PC without a CD, using a no CD crack or a digital download. Both methods have their pros and cons, and require some caution and research before using them. However, once you get the game running, you can enjoy one of the most memorable and controversial games in the Metal Gear series.


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