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Meet the Adorable Penguins of OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, AZ

Penguin AZ: What You Need to Know About These Adorable Birds in Arizona

If you love penguins, you might be surprised to learn that you can see them in Arizona. Yes, you read that right. Arizona, the state known for its hot and dry climate, is home to some of the cutest and most charismatic penguins in the world. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Penguin AZ, including what it is, why it exists, how you can see it, and some fun facts and activities related to these amazing animals.

penguin az


What is Penguin AZ?

Penguin AZ is not a specific place, but rather a term that refers to the presence of penguins in Arizona. There are two main locations where you can see penguins in Arizona: the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale and the company in Baku. The OdySea Aquarium is a large and interactive aquarium that features a variety of marine life, including sharks, sea turtles, otters, and of course, penguins. The company is a paint manufacturer that uses penguins as its logo and mascot, and also supports penguin conservation efforts.

Why are penguins in Arizona?

You might be wondering how penguins ended up in Arizona, a place that seems very different from their natural habitats. The answer is that these penguins are not native to Arizona, but rather come from South Africa. They are called African black-footed penguins, or jackass penguins, because of their distinctive black feet and their donkey-like braying sound. These penguins are adapted to live in warmer climates than most other penguin species, and can survive in temperatures up to 100F (38C). However, they still need access to water, shade, and cooling systems to keep them comfortable and healthy.

How can you see penguins in Arizona?

The best way to see penguins in Arizona is to visit the OdySea Aquarium, where you can enjoy various exhibits and activities related to these adorable birds. You can also check out the website, where you can learn more about their products and their support for penguin conservation. You can also follow them on social media to see pictures and videos of their penguin mascot.

Penguin AZ Facts

What kind of penguins are in Arizona?

As we mentioned before, the penguins that live in Arizona are African black-footed penguins. These are medium-sized penguins that grow up to 27 inches (70 cm) tall and weigh up to 11 pounds (5 kg). They have black plumage on their backs and white plumage on their bellies, with a black band across their chests and spots on their chests that are unique to each individual. They also have pink patches of skin around their eyes and above their feet, which help them regulate their body temperature.

Where do they come from?

African black-footed penguins are native to the southern coast of Africa, from Namibia to South Africa. They live in colonies on rocky islands and mainland beaches, where they nest in burrows or under bushes. They feed on fish, squid, and crustaceans that they catch by diving into the ocean. They can swim up to 12 miles per hour (20 km/h) and dive up to 130 feet (40 m) deep.

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How do they live in the desert?

African black-footed penguins are able to live in the desert by relying on the care and facilities provided by the OdySea Aquarium. The aquarium has a state-of-the-art penguin habitat that mimics their natural environment, with rocks, plants, pools, and waterfalls. The habitat is also equipped with a climate control system that keeps the temperature and humidity at optimal levels for the penguins. The aquarium staff also monitor the penguins' health and behavior, and provide them with a balanced diet of fish and vitamins. The penguins also have access to enrichment activities, such as toys, puzzles, and painting, that keep them stimulated and happy.

What do they eat?

African black-footed penguins eat mostly fish, such as anchovies, sardines, herring, and mackerel. They also eat squid, shrimp, crabs, and other crustaceans. They can consume up to 14% of their body weight in food per day. At the OdySea Aquarium, the penguins are fed twice a day by the staff, who hand-deliver the fish to each penguin. The staff also weigh the penguins regularly to make sure they are not overeating or underweight.

Penguin AZ Activities

Penguin Encounter at OdySea Aquarium

If you want to get up close and personal with the penguins in Arizona, you can book a Penguin Encounter at the OdySea Aquarium. This is a 30-minute experience that allows you to meet and interact with some of the penguins in a private area. You can learn about their personalities, behaviors, and conservation status from a professional penguin keeper. You can also touch and feed the penguins, and take photos with them. This is a great opportunity to see these amazing animals in action and learn more about them.

Penguin Painting at OdySea Aquarium

Another fun activity that you can do with the penguins in Arizona is Penguin Painting at the OdySea Aquarium. This is a 15-minute experience that lets you watch a penguin create a unique piece of art for you. The penguin will walk on a canvas with paint on its feet, leaving colorful footprints behind. You can choose the colors of the paint and the size of the canvas. You can also take photos with the penguin and its masterpiece. This is a fun way to support the penguins and take home a souvenir.

Penguin Point at OdySea Aquarium

If you just want to watch the penguins in Arizona without interacting with them, you can visit Penguin Point at the OdySea Aquarium. This is an exhibit that showcases the penguins' habitat and behavior in a naturalistic setting. You can see the penguins swim, dive, play, and socialize with each other. You can also learn more about their biology, ecology, and threats from interactive displays and signs. You can also watch live feedings and presentations by the staff at scheduled times.


Penguin AZ is a term that refers to the presence of African black-footed penguins in Arizona. These are warm-weather penguins that come from South Africa and live in colonies on rocky islands and beaches. They are able to survive in Arizona thanks to the care and facilities provided by the OdySea Aquarium, which has a state-of-the-art penguin habitat that mimics their natural environment. You can see these adorable birds in Arizona by visiting the aquarium and enjoying various exhibits and activities related to them. You can also support their conservation by buying products from, a paint manufacturer that uses penguins as its logo and mascot.


  • Q: How many penguins are in Arizona?

  • A: There are about 40 African black-footed penguins at the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale.

  • Q: How long do African black-footed penguins live?

  • A: In the wild, they can live up to 15 years. In captivity, they can live up to 25 years.

  • Q: Are African black-footed penguins endangered?

  • A: Yes, they are classified as endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. They face threats such as habitat loss, overfishing, oil spills, climate change, and predation.

  • Q: How can I help protect African black-footed penguins?

  • A: You can help by supporting organizations that work to conserve these penguins and their habitats, such as SANCCOB (Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds), AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums), and WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums). You can also adopt a penguin from the OdySea Aquarium or buy products from, a paint manufacturer that uses penguins as its logo and mascot.

  • Q: What are some fun facts about African black-footed penguins?

A: Some fun facts are:

  • They are also known as jackass penguins because of their loud braying sound.

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