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Tintinalli Medicina Urgencias 11.pdf

They were the best series yet and included many new concepts and ideas, Dr. Tintinalli said, thanks to the feedback and excitement of participants who have seen the classes first-hand since the inception of the American College of Emergency Physicians Emergency Medicine of Mexico Certification Program.

Tintinalli Medicina Urgencias 11.pdf


Dr. Tintinalli continued, "In Mexico, physicians learn mostly in theory, so I am so happy to see them learn first-hand in a practical setting and do it on their home turf. If you are just learning to speak Spanish, this could be the perfect experience for you to be immersed in the Spanish language."

Since the inception of the Mexico Emergency Medicine Certification Program in 2012, participants have come from all over the globe for the intensive learning experience, and from more than 15 emergency medicine residency programs for the intensive experience and certification process, Dr. Tintinalli reported.

The assets he created will remain tangible after the emergency care experience is over, said Tintinalli. When he returns home to his native North Carolina, his medical school will have a better facility that is more attractive and more used. That means more benefits to the University than he can ever repay, and he knows it. That is the real miracle. He's doing it for everyone, not himself. That is inspiring, said Tintinalli, a native of the Tar Heel state.

Tintinalli said the course he is teaching in the disaster medicine course now incorporates scenarios in which the event is not an earthquake, but the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado. Such scenarios are more relevant and more easily understood by the students.


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