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Buy Weller Soldering Station

The WLC100 from Weller is a versatile 5 watt to 40 watt soldering station that is perfect for hobbyists, DIYers and students. The WLC100 operates at 120V and features a continuous dial to provide variable power control to the soldering station. The included 40 watt "pencil" soldering iron is lightweight with a cushioned foam grip and an interchangeable, iron-plated, copper ST3 tip. The soldering iron can even be detached for your on-the-go soldering needs!

buy weller soldering station

In addition, the unit comes with a soldering station that includes a safety guard iron holder and a natural sponge tip cleaning pad. If you are looking for a good mid-range soldering iron without breaking the bank, the Weller WLC100 is an ideal soldering choice!

Wow they still make this? This was my second soldering iron (first was a 60W fixed power firestarter that literally glowed red hot if you left it plugged in too long), and I quickly learned that temperature controlled irons are the only way to go. To start it up, I'd set it to 5, then as it warmed up, had to lower to 4 and around 3 for good soldering, otherwise it would get too hot and oxidize the solder too quickly. I wouldn't recommend this even if you are on a budget, do yourself a favor and get a nice temp controlled Weller or Hakko, you'll thank yourself later.

I was looking for a soldering station that provided the basic features:- Built-in stand- On-off switch- Temperature regulatorThis station does all this very well. The temperature regulator has nice "drag" to it, feels well-built, not cheap. The on-off switch is easy to operate, not too tight.A minor thing perhaps, but I absolutely love the heat-shielded grip.

Weller I would have said are one of those companies. There are other soldering irons, there may even be better or more expensive soldering irons. If you buy a Weller though, I would have said, you can consider yourself to have solved your soldering problems, you may never have to buy another iron.

As it happens, I performed minor surgery on my Weller soldering station just this morning, It is a 20-year-old unit. The wire had become flakey at the back of the handle, so I shortened it three inches.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to create a project to identify Weller soldering iron tips by photograph. Have users around the Internet send in photos and identify them. Or Or someplace.

This is good post and useful were the people can learn much more about soldering iron and the Wellers is the Top Class!.Also here i find good and useful information to choose the best Soldering iron for you -to-choose-the-best-soldering-iron-for-you/ where there is an explanation of soldering irons and Soldering irons Tips.

I have had several Weller soldering stations, the cheaper ones and in every case, the screw cap that holds the tip into the barrel eventually, sooner than later, disintegrates and the tip no longer stays in the barrel. Really crappy.

The Weller 100 is lightweight and well balanced. It works well with different types of solder. These soldering irons are great for those not wanting to spend on the Hakko. 8 out of 10.

All the comments about soldering irons have been spot on. I made my first three windows (leaded glass) using a very old and heavy iron, and when I wanted to use copper foil I bought a Studio Pro. After of the problems mentioned by others I bought a Weller with a temperature control and it was quite satisfactory for both lead and foil. Then I succumbed to the advertising for the Hakko and it was the best money I have spent on stained glass tools. I love the quick warm up, the consistent temperature and the light weight. I am dissatisfied with the stiff cord and it does tend to dictate the position of the iron in your grip. That is minor compared to the benefits, but I do hope Hakko is planning a more flexible cord in the future, as it is a superior iron.

The X-Tronic 3020-XTS solder iron station is a good option for those who experience back pain during soldering work. Such can be the case when it comes to the small circuit board projects that require close concentration.

The Weller SP80NUS soldering iron comes at the 1st position of this list due to the fact that this soldering iron is the cheapest option stated here. Even at its given price tag, you are able to get a pretty high maximum temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is able to offer this thanks to its power rating of 80 watts which is also a bit on the higher side. Although, this also means that the power consumption of this Weller soldering iron will be on the higher side. Despite being an entry-level offering, you still get a warranty period of 7 years with this soldering iron from Weller.

This Weller W100PG soldering iron comes at the 2nd position of this list due to the fact that it is the best option here for heavy-duty usage. In comparison with others, the 100-watt power rating offered by this is much higher resulting in excellent heat retention.

However, despite having such a high wattage rating, the maximum temperature is rated only at 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, Weller has not compromised in terms of its reliability of this heavy-duty soldering iron since you still get a 7-year warranty included with it.

While it may not be the highest, it is quite respectable when you consider the given wattage of just 35 watts. As you would expect from any other Weller soldering iron, this one also offers a 7-year warranty.

Despite having the highest temperature rating out of all the soldering irons present in this article, you have a power rating value of just 60 watts. Since this is a premium offering from Weller, the standard warranty period of 7 years is to be expected.

This is due to the reason that offerings like the best Weller soldering irons stated above are ideal for heavy-duty usage and quite reliable. Speaking of heavy-duty usage, we have already talked about their performance numbers and features. You can also check out this buying guide for detailed information:

Irrespective of the soldering iron brand that you are going for, the wattage rating is one of the most important factors to consider. It directly tells you about the performance as well as the power consumption of your soldering iron. As for Weller soldering iron models, they can have a wattage rating ranging from 60 watts to 100 watts.

In fact, a few options are also highly efficient that use lower power at around 30 watts. Coming back to higher-end options like 100 watts, such soldering irons tend to easily hold up heat for a long time making them ideal for heavy-duty usage.

Whether your soldering iron holds up heat for long or not, it will not be useful unless it gets hot enough for soldering. And thus, the maximum temperature rating offered by your Weller soldering iron is also quite important to consider.

With these soldering irons, you will find various maximum temperature ratings ranging from 800 degrees Fahrenheit to 950 degrees Fahrenheit. Out of all these, a Weller soldering iron with a high-temperature rating of 950 degrees Fahrenheit will offer better performance.

Those of you work on electrical circuits must know that you have to work with a lot of small parts and compact circuits. Because of this, you need a lot of light in your workspace to make sure that your welds are correct. To ensure this, a few Weller soldering irons also come with bulbs inside them. These LED lights can be handy to ensure that you are soldering everything correctly.

One of the major reasons for going with a brand like Weller while buying soldering irons is that it is a highly reputable brand. In other words, you will get highly reliable soldering irons from this brand.

And to ensure this, you can simply check the warranty period included with your Weller soldering irons. Talking about the best Weller soldering irons discussed up above, all of them include a 7-year warranty. Since you cannot expect more at the given price tag, these Weller soldering irons are some of the most reliable options out there.

If you are in the market to buy a new soldering iron for your electrical projects, then you can find a wide range of brands. While some offer affordable options, others offer powerful ones. On the other hand, the best Weller soldering irons discussed earlier in this article offer a great balance between price and performance.

You can easily get an idea of the performance of the various Weller soldering irons present above since we have also explained their major features and options. And on the basis of all these guidelines, we present our favorite recommendations for the best Weller soldering irons right here: 041b061a72


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