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Buy British Silver Coins

In addition to the regular-issue Silver Britannia coins, there is Royal Mint silver bullion available with unique designs from this same collection. For example, the Silver Britannia is available in a gilded and colorized version, as well.

buy british silver coins


Launched in 2014, the Shengxiao Series from the Royal Mint is an increasingly popular series celebrating the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each year, the coins in the program feature the new animal in the Zodiac represent a particular year on the lunar calendar.

In 2020, the Royal Mint of England embarked on an exciting new gold and silver collection honoring music legends from Britain. Known as the British Music Legends Series, the collection offers a wide range of gold bullion and proof specimens, as well as silver proof, bullion, and silver-clad specimens. JM Bullion carries the 1/2 oz, 1 oz, and 2 oz silver proof designs as the primary option in each release. Designs available starting in 2020 include (in order):

The British Royal Arms Series comes in silver and gold options, with 1 oz and 1/4 oz gold coins available, as well as 1 oz and 10 oz silver coins. The 2019 release featured only 1 oz options in each metal, with the 1/4 oz gold and 10 oz silver coins added in 2020.

In 2017, the Royal Mint embarked on a program to catalog some of the architectural splendor of the city of London, and the broader English realm. Known as the British Landmark Series, these 1 oz silver coins were released between 2017 and 2019, with one coin each in 2017 and 2019, and a dual release in 2018. The four designs included in this collection represent some of the most globally renowned images and places within England. The designs include the following:

The British Silver Valiant Coins are offered as Brilliant Uncirculated specimens with 1 oz silver the first weight offered in the collection, followed by the eventual addition of a 10 oz silver version.

If you have any questions about the British silver coins mentioned above, please feel free to ask. JM Bullion customer service is available to assist you at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and through our email address. For easy answers to common payment-related questions, please visit our Payment Methods FAQ. We encourage you to contact us if you need further clarification on any payment-related matters.

Not many coins can say that they are backed by over 11 centuries of minting history, but the British Britannia certainly can make this claim. Created by the Royal Mint, the Silver Britannia Coin is part of a very remarkable history. Great Britain has seen many changes over the centuries as the empire has evolved, but throughout all of the upheavals and social progress, the economics of silver coin making has remained relatively unchanged.

The Royal Mint has the highest exacting standards that are possible with current technology. This makes the British Britannia one of the most sought after coins produced by this mint, adding to the long line of grand coins that have been created over more than a thousand years. When you purchase these silver coins, you are literally adding history to your collection or investment portfolio.

The Royal Mint has been producing the Silver British Britannia since 1997. These silver coins contain 1 troy ounce of silver and are given a face value of 2. Multiple sizes are available in this series from 1997-2012, going down to as little as 1/10 a troy ounce, which has a face value of 20p. Starting in 2013, the Royal Mint introduced two additional sizes: the 5 ounce British Britannia and a 1/20 troy ounce coin, with a face value of 10 and 10p respectively.What is the difference between bullion, proof, and BU coins?

As a silver bullion coin, the British Silver Britannia has been issued by the Royal Mint in every year since its 1997 debut. The coins underwent a change in size, mass, and silver purity after 15 years of availability. The Silver Britannia coins issued from 1997 until 2012 had a silver purity known at the Royal Mint as Britannia silver. This alloy of silver and copper (typically) was first introduced to replace the sterling silver standard during the great recoinage scheme of King William III in 1696. Britannia silver contains 11 troy oz of silver in the pound troy and is equivalent to .958 pure silver content.

These initial Silver Britannia coins from the Royal Mint had a total mass of 32.45 Grams in the 1 Troy oz silver coin and a diameter of 40 mm. In 2013, the Royal Mint increased the silver purity in the Britannia coins to .999 pure silver and shrunk both the mass and size of the coins slightly. All British Silver Britannias issued from 2013 onward have a total mass of 31.21 Grams and a diameter of 38.61 mm.

Aside from these alterations in the size, shape, and silver purity of the coins, the only other alterations have been the use of different effigies of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. The reverse side uses the Philip Nathan depiction of Britannia in every release.

As of 2023, a new era of British Silver Britannia coining starts with the first portrait of King Charles III. His Majesty features on the obverse of the coins as of early 2023 and he is shown in left-profile relief without a crown on his head. This design comes from Martin Jennings.

The Royal Mint uses the Silver Britannia coin as a format for one-time, limited-issue coins that feature distinct design additions or privy marks. The most common of this type are the colorized Silver Britannia coins and the Lunar Series privy mark coins. Below is a breakdown of these unique issues of the Silver Britannia:

The British Britannia bullion coins, both gold and silver, got a major overhaul in terms of security with the release of the 2021 coins. In total, the Royal Mint of England introduced four new security features to the coins, all of which are featured on the reverse field and build upon the use of the guilloche background element on the obverse side of the coin. These four new security features include:

The Britannia Coin Company is a UK's leading online coin buyer. That means we buy a lot of pre-1947 silver coins. But what's so special about silver coins minted before 1947? And how do you know what your silver coins are worth? Our Pre-Decimal Silver Coin Valuation Calculator can help.

Have you ever wondered what your old loose change is worth? If your coins were minted before 1947, it might be more than you think. In the past, British coins were made of precious metals like gold and silver. This means that old money can be worth much more than its face value.

For centuries, the Royal Mint made their silver coins from sterling silver: an alloy containing 92.5% pure silver. From 1920 the amount of silver in British coins was reduced to 50%. The silver content was entirely removed from 1947 and coins were instead made of silver-coloured cupronickel.

If you have Crowns, Half-Crowns, Florins, Shillings, Sixpences, or Three Penny Pieces with a pre-1947 date on them, they likely contain a significant amount of silver. Regardless of the condition of your coins, their silver content makes them valuable and we're eager to buy them from you.

Silver coins were part of British currency for more than two millennia. If you're thinking of selling your silver coins, it's important to understand their history. When your coins were minted can tell you how much pure silver they contain and, therefore, how much they are worth.

At the Britannia Coin Company, we want to make selling your pre-1947 silver coins simple. We also want to offer you the best price. Our online Pre-Decimal Silver Coin Value Calculator means you can get a quick and accurate valuation from your sofa. We make selling your silver coins fuss-free.

Our valuations are based on the weight of your silver coins. If you've got a set of scales, all you need to do is sort your coins by date, weigh them, and input the figure into our calculator. Make sure you separate pre-1920 and pre-1947 coins and select the correct coin era for an accurate price.

Our Pre-Decimal Silver Coin Value Calculator will generate an instant quote, based on live silver price per gram rates. It's straightforward, fair, and guarantees you an up to the minute valuation, based on the markets. When you have the value, simply click 'Add' to proceed to checkout. It's that simple.

Our calculator works best when you know the weight of your Pre-1947 coins. Simply weigh, enter the figure and go. But what if you don't have a set of scales? No problem. You can still estimate the weight of your silver coins because each type of coin has a standard weight.

Coins wear down over the years, so old silver coins may weigh a little less than when they were first minted. Still, if you know the standard, fresh off the press weight, you can make a calculation to figure out the approximate total weight of your silver coins. Here's how:

If you want a price based on the face value of your silver coins, simply switch to the 'Calculate by Face Value' tab. This will give you the option to input the stated value of your silver coins in Pounds, Shillings and Pence. Not confident using old money? Don't worry. Here's what to do:

Is this making your head spin? That's alright. You can also calculate the value of your pre-1947 silver coins by denomination. Simply sort your coins by type, switch to the 'Calculate by Denomination' tab, and enter the number you have of each. No need to worry about old money maths!

Whichever method you use, you still need to make separate calculations based on the age of your coins. Pre-1920 silver coins are worth more than those made between 1920 and 1947, so remember to check the date and select the right time period for an accurate valuation.

Still confused? Just get in touch. We're happy to answer your questions by phone, email or chat. Our staff have decades of experience buying and selling coins and we're pleased to explain any part of the process to you. Drop us a line and we'll help you get a great price for your silver coins. 041b061a72


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