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Isaac Hill
Isaac Hill

Red Ball 4 Apk Dayı: Support for HID Controllers and Cloud Saving

Red Ball and his friends are out enjoying the day when they come across another red ball who's shaped like a cube. The former ball explains that an army of Gray Cubes has been rounding up all the balls on the planet and taking them to a factory where the balls are being forcibly changed into cubes by the factory's machinery. Realizing that the balls' way of life could be ended forever if the Gray Cubes keep doing this, Red Ball takes it upon himself to take the world back from the Gray Cubes! He rolls across the grasslands, squashing Gray Cubes along the way, until he comes across the boss Cube, the Monocle Cube, who's been leading the invasion on the grasslands. After a quick battle, Red Ball defeats the Monocle Cube and sends the Gray Cubes running. But his adventure isn't over yet...

Having finally found the Gray Cubes' base of operations, Red Ball storms the factory and traverses the dangerous industrial territory, fighting his way through the Gray Cubes and evading the deadly factory machinery. At the heart of the factory he encounters the Mecha Cube, a giant robotic boss Cube created to guard the factory. After a long, grueling battle, Red Ball destroys the Mecha Cube and breaks all his friends out of their cages, causing the factory to fall apart and come down. All the balls flee the factory just before it collapses, and once it falls over the pollution in the sky disperses, leaving behind a sunny sky as the balls celebrate their freedom.

red ball 4 apk dayı


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