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A4 Mp4

5.0 Megapixel CMOS SensorWith the 5.0 MP CMOS Sensor and fixed-focus down-facing lens, the document camera is capable of capturing images, magazines, books, documents, pictures, and business cards and project them through a monitor or projector. You can even display real-time images of 3D objects.

A4 mp4

Powerful OCR Text RecognitionThe Adesso CyberTrack 520 document camera is the ideal tool for converting embedded text into editable text using its advanced optical character recognition software.

Il s'agit de présenter les images et les caricatures en France pour comprendre l'efficacité des supports visuels. Ce cours est destiné à des étudiants de licence et correspond à une coopération avec le centre universitaire de Mayotte. Les photographies et les documents visuels proviennent du domaine public (Creative Commons), les liens sont indiqués dans les References.

The aim is to present the history of caricatures and images in France in order to understand the relationship between the efficiency of visual supports in newspapers. This course is made for undergraduate students and corresponds to a cooperation with the university center of Mayotte. The photographs and visual documents come from the public domain (Creative Commons), the links are indicated in the References.

A short CV of the presenter should be included. This should be a PDF file with max 1 paragraph of CV info (Format: , Size: DIN A4, max. 10 lines, Arial 10 pt.). The PDF file should be named similarly to video i.e. TF-00XXXX_surname.pdf

The video is expected to have slides and voice-over, and if available also other aspects e.g. the demonstrator, etc. Each video will be shown to conference participants online, and Q&A will with the author(s) will follow.

In each oral presentation room, one LCD projector will be available. All onsite speakers in oral sessions should bring your ppt and test it with the laptop provided in the session room at least 15min before the session starts. The presenters should prepare Power Point Slides to facilitate their presentations. The slides and the presentations must be in English. Please test the slides before session start to avoid potential format problems caused by different software versions.

Your poster should cover the KEY POINTS of your paper, which include but not limited to background, methods, results and conclusion. Make your poster as self-explanatory as possible. This will save your time for discussions and questions with fellow researchers.

Author should post up your poster on the poster panel in the morning of the day of your poster session. The detailed schedule of poster arrangement please refer to the Program Arrangement webpage. When you arrive for your session, please contact secretariat staff at the registration counter for:

Please note that your poster should be prepared well in advance. There will be no time or materials available for last minute preparations at the conference. Plastic tape will be provided to attach your posters to the boards.

Animation is the last of three components of Scotty3D. The primary repository is located at The wiki on that page will be the primary source of information about this assignment, this document only contains administrative details about grading and submission.

In addition to implementing the Animation functionality in Scotty3D, you will use your software to render a short animated movie of your own creation. We expect that you make a meaningful use of Scotty3D's functionality while creating this movie; it does not need to be long, but try to make something fun! As a starting rule, a movie which uses only a few keyframes and doesn't try to convey meaningful motion is unlikely to earn many points. See the wiki for some technical notes on creating this movie. Include this movie at the top level of your submission directory as a .mp4 file.

Clear, well-written documentation is a critical part of software development. Since you (the students) are the ones who will most benefit from good documentation---or will suffer through bad documentation---we are "crowd sourcing" improvements to the course material. What did you find confusing---and then finally figure out?

Do not wait until the due date to submit these suggested edits. They will be most helpful to your classmates (and to us!) if they are submitted ahead of time, so that we can immediately incorporate any good suggestions into the actual course material. To submit your edits, you must therefore:

The TAs will monitor this label, and immediately update the docs with any/all useful suggestions. This Piazza post will also be recorded as part of your assignment grade. Note that we do not have to accept your edit in order for you to receive full credit on the assignment. However, we will grade your edits based on whether they appear to be a "good faith effort" to make a useful comment. In other words, did you really think about what is clear/unclear and provide a useful edit? Or did you just write something totally random at the very last minute? :-) Especially useful edits (e.g., those that provide nice insights, or point out serious bugs/errors) may receive extra credit.

Additionally, you will submit a short document explaining which tasks you successfully implemented, and any particular details of your submission. If your submission includes any implementations which are not entirely functional, please detail what works and what doesn't, along with where you got stuck. This document does not need to be long; correctly implemented tasks may simply be listed, and incomplete tasks should be described in a few sentences at most.

This codebase should compile on Linux, macOS, and Windows on a typical environment. The build instructions given on the project page will walk you through installing dependencies and building the code. If you have difficulties running the code on your local machine, the GHC 5xxx cluster machines have all the packages required to build the project. 041b061a72


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