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Revelation 22:2

In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielding her fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

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You may be asking what is elderberry syrup and why should I add it to my diet daily? Well, that is what I am here for honey!

Elderberry shrubs, also known as Sambucus Nigra plants, have been used for centuries as a natural medicine to cure many illnesses. 

Here are some things this SUPER FOOD can do for you when taken on a daily basis!!

Immune System Boosting Properties

Elderberry extract has been know to significantly improve and or reduce the symptoms of colds, flus and viruses. Elderberry has also been shown to shorten the duration of colds , flus, and viruses already in progress when taken within the first 48 hours of onset symptoms. 

Blood Sugar Levels

Elderberries have been shown to lower blood sugar levels, because they can stimulate glucose metabolism. If you are a diabetic taking insulin, please consult your physician before taking.

Rich in Antioxidants

Elderberries have an extremely high concentration of certain flavonoids called anthocyanins, which give elderberries the signature deep purple color. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that work within the immune system to enhance the body’s response and keep it functioning at its best.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) the highest concentration of anthocyanins are found in black elderberries, nearly double the amount found in any other fruit. This gives black elderberries twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and significantly more than cranberries. 



My clients can't get enough!



I started using Elderberry because my children, would get sick every SINGLE time we were about to leave for a vacation. I mean EVERY time! If it wasn't one it was the other and often times both kids at the same time. 


So one time when we were about to go on a trip to Florida and my oldest woke up with a fever and a cough. I went to the store in search of something NATURAL (because that is who I am) that I could give him. We were going on this trip okay (insert eyebrow raise)! 


I picked up a bottle of Elderberry Syrup and it said that it could shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms. So I gave him a dose every 2-3 hours and when I tell you by the next day, he was back to normal, I was floored. After that I was hooked I kept a bottle in the cabinet.


After doing some research I realized two things, that you could take it to prevent colds and flus or at least give your body a fighting chance and that FRESH ELDERBERRY SYRUP was more potent and I could control the amount of sweetener and get rid of those pesky preservatives (for longer shelf, not refrigerator life).


I made a batch and it was delicious, so we all started taking it daily. At that time my children were in school and they were coming home sick almost every other day. Once I started them on the daily regimen, I realized they were having fewer sick days and all was right in our world. Mind you, I am not saying they never get sick, I am however saying that they had FAR FEWER SICK DAYS AND WEEKS!!

We can't live without it! So I started making it for my friends and realized that it wasn't common knowledge in my circles. My husband said, "Growing up the only Elder Berry he knew was a deacon at his church", LOL!! 


I started to get testimonials from people having the same experience I did and here we are today!!

People call me the Elderberry Fairy and the Sea Moss BOSS (we will get too that part shortly).

Wild Crafted-Seamoss Gel

AKA Irish Sea Moss

has been used for generations in Ireland, Scotland, Jamaica and many other islands in food and as folk medicine. In these cultures, it's often used to help enhance the immune system and fight off colds, flus and many other illnesses.

Ingesting Sea moss (scientific name: Chondrus Crispus) provides 91 of the 102 minerals of which the body is made. Use it for your bones, muscles, brain, bad breath, thyroid, glands, dystentery, natural diuretic, pulmonary and respiratory illness and coughs. You can also use it to regulate your bowels, skin ulcers, kidneys, heart, and obesity. Sea Moss helps to break up mucous buildup, which is the cause of many illnesses. 


Sea Moss is a nutrient-dense superfood rich in vitamins and minerals. Sea moss is loaded with nutrients that are vital to the human body such as bromine, sulfur, calcium, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, beta-carotene, selenium, protein, pectin, zinc, vitamin-c, and vitamin b just to name a few.

Sea Moss is also a great topical skin treatment.

Sea moss offers antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can help treat issues like acne, psoriasis and aging skin. 


Bundle & Save

We now offer Subscriptions so that you don't forget to place your order before you run out!

We can remember for you and ensure that you don't miss out on your nutrients.


3 Day Detox Package

Our Sea Moss Detox Challenge Package comes with 12-16oz bottles of juice in various flavors, which include blueberry, watermelon, mixed berry, pineapple, mango, and strawberry. FLAVORS WILL VARY. The challenge consists of 4 juices daily


Flavored Seamoss Gel

Our Flavored Seamoss comes in Strawberry, Mango and Seasonal Flavors Vary. So sign up for our email list to see our new flavors!



I Truly Care About Your Health

First, I am a Jesus Girl, who puts God First, family second and business third!

I am a wife to the (insert mic) best man I've ever known, mom of 4, two boys and two girls and I pride myself on getting back to the basics. 


I take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease with natural medicine. I offer a variety of alternative health products that treat you as a whole, not your condition. I will soon be adding new products as well. I believe that you are not living the best life possible, unless your mind and body are completely healthy. Come on take this journey with me to 


Natural Healing

My goal is to provide alternative medicine that will reverse and prevent disease and assist with weight loss using natural remedies. Our results have proven, that the best way to heal the natural body is naturally without relying on industry produced pharmaceuticals and preservatives. 

I understand that not all products work for everyone. Therefore I carry a variety of products and we are always working on new products to keep things fresh. You can count on us to have the highest quality alternative health products on our shelves. Why, because you are family and we give our family the best!!


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